Catalogue of EATM-CERT services

This document sets out core services available to the European ATM stakeholders (the EATM-CERT constituents). It provides an overview of EATM-CERT services and specifies information to be shared between EATM-CERT and the 'user' to start operational cooperation. 

The services are based on the typical CERT services as documented by ENISA and CERT Coordination Center. For each service/product, constituents will find:

  • Summary description: a few words describing the service/product;
  • Service access: key information for accessing or triggering the service.

Cooperation: constituents are encouraged to notify EATM-CERT with feedback on the services to improve them and to feed in information about supplementary areas of interest.


Catalogue of EATM-CERT Services - V.2.0 - March 2020