CAT247 - EUROCONTROL Specification for surveillance data exchange Part 20 - Category 247

Version Number Exchange

This document describes the general concepts and the message layout for the application of ASTERIX category 247 for the transmission of version number information related to the ASTERIX Categories used by a system.

This outlines the message structure for the transmission of ASTERIX categories version number reports.

The use of intermediate editions of a specific ASTERIX category shall be limited to the test and development phase of a new system and/or a new ASTERIX category. As soon as the status of both is stable, the system shall be migrated

With Edition 1.2 the number of this category was changed from 242 to 247 to resolve a conflict with a previously defined category.


CAT247 - Version Number Exchange - Ed. 1.3
CAT247 - Version Number Exchange - Ed. 1.2
CAT242 - Version Number Exchange - Ed. 1.0
CAT242 - Version Number Exchange - Ed. 0.11