CAT032 - EUROCONTROL Specification for Surveillance Data Exchange ASTERIX Part 29 Category 32

Miniplan Reports to an SDPS

This document describes the structure for the transmission of Miniplan reports. Miniplan reports may be sent from an FPPS to an SDPS or forwarded from an SDPS to another SDPS (in case of co-operating SDPSs).

Originally, ASTERIX Category 032 was specified for the use by ARTAS in order to allow the provision of flight plan information from remote systems (i.e. FPPS) in the form of “Miniplans” to enhance the track information available to ARTAS Users. It was specified as part of the ARTAS Interface Specification which contained the specification of ASTERIX categories 030, 031, 032, and 252.

Since now Category 032 is a de facto standard which is used by many SDPS (i.e. no longer limited to ARTAS), it was decided to extract the specification for Category 032 and describe it in a stand-alone document. The Category 032 specification is now managed by the ASTERIX Maintenance Group (AMG).


CAT032 - Miniplan Reports to an SDPS (Part 29) - Edition 1.1
CAT032 - Miniplan Reports to an SDPS (Part 29) - Edition 1.0