CASCADE Stream 1 real-time simulation

A real time experiment was conducted to present three CASCADE Stream 1 services (auto-transfer, pilot preferences downlink and aircraft derived data) to controllers, obtain a feedback on these services, and get a first assessment of their operational benefits. 

The experiment was decomposed in two sessions of two weeks, each involving two groups of 8 European controllers. Each group of participants had a total of 10 training exercises and 18 measured exercises.

The four dimensions assessed were the controllers familiarisation with the services, the acceptance of the services, the impact of the services on controller workload, situation awareness and on safety and capacity.

At the end of the training sessions, all the participants felt familiar enough with the various services.In terms of acceptance, the results depend on the service. Despite its usability, the auto-transfer in its current configuration, was very rarely used (less than 10 %). The PPD and ADD services were well appreciated and considered as usable by most of controllers.


CASCADE Stream 1 real-time simulation