AVINOR free route airspace (ARFA) readiness report

Following a real-time simulation (RTS) exercise conducted at EUROCONTROL's Experimental Centre, this final report confirming AVINOR’s readiness to implement free route airspace (FRA) in Norway in November 2015.

In January 2015, at the EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre in Bretigny, AVINOR, by means of a two-week realtime simulation (RTS), culminated its validation activities and confirmed its readiness to implement FRA (Free Route Airspace) in Norway in November 2015.

As a partner of both NEFAB (North European Functional Airspace Block) and NEFRA (North European Free Route Airspace Programme), AVINOR needed to ensure implementation readiness complied with the relevant Concept of Operations and Network Plans agreed by all partners.

Analysis and assessment concentrated on three principal areas, formulated as validation claims:

  1. Safety: The safety assumptions and requirements documented in AVINOR FHA and PSSA reports have been addressed by the RTS and met. Mitigation strategies are effective.
  2. Airspace Design: The proposed design of the Norwegian airspace will accommodate the implementation of the concept of FRA in Norway as per the NEFAB and NEFRA CONOPS and NEFAB Network Plan for all controlled flight levels down to FL195/135.
  3. Operational Acceptability: The AVINOR airspace design is operationally acceptable for the AVINOR controller community.

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Final Report AFRA (AVINOR Free Route Airspace)