Aviation system block upgrade (ASBU) Implementation Monitoring Report (2022)

ICAO EUR States - reference period 2022

The ICAO/EUROCONTROL ASBU Monitoring Report presents an overview of progress achieved so far in the implementation of the ICAO ASBU Elements (Block 0 and Block 1) within the ICAO EUR Region during the reference year 2022.

The 5th meeting of ICAO's EASPG (European Aviation System Planning Group), which met in Paris between 28 November and 1 December 2023, has unanimously endorsed the latest edition of the ICAO ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report (reference year 2022), jointly developed by EUROCONTROL and the ICAO EUR/NAT Office

The Report, the first one based on the 7th Edition of the GANP (Global Air Navigation Plan) summarises the implementation progress of 80 ASBU Block 0 and Block 1 Elements (six more Elements than the previous edition) and indicates what has been achieved so far, together with the future prospects for implementation in accordance with the planning dates reported by States. Its findings confirm the steady progress of ICAO's Global Air Navigation Plan implementation all across the EUR region.

The Report relies heavily on the information collected through the LSSIP Process (plus a dedicated questionnaire addressed to the non-LSSIP States) with the aim to minimise as far as practically possible the reporting burden on all stakeholders involved in ATM. By using the LSSIP information we ensure that there is no duplication of reporting for the purpose of satisfying the States reporting requirements towards ICAO. Therefore, its endorsement is another recognition of the LSSIP process as the instrument of choice for the collection of data on the ATM modernisation in the ECAC area and beyond.


ASBU implementation monitoring report 2022