Aviation system block upgrade (ASBU) implementation monitoring report (2017)

ICAO EUR States - reference period 2017

The ICAO/EUROCONTROL ASBU monitoring report presents an overview of the deployment planning dates and implementation progress achieved for the ICAO ASBU Block 0 Modules within the ICAO EUR Region during the reporting year 2017.

The region covers 55 States and all of them provided monitoring information. The LSSIP mechanism was used to collect the data (44 States), complemented with a dedicated questionnaire for the States outside that mechanism.

The dashboard for implementation progress of ASBU block 0 modules indicates what has been achieved so far and the outlook for 2020 and 2021 gives the future perspective of implementation in accordance with planning dates reported by States. A chart indicating the evolution of implementation progress during the last three years of reporting is included, it provides a good indication of the deployment trend and overall status for each block 0 module.


The ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report is a key reference document for the EANPG to monitor and analyse ATM implementation and a companion to the EUR eANP. To note the availability of an Implementation Dashboard, summarising the progress, and an Implementation Outlook that gives a forecast on what is expected to be achieved in the future.

The report is one of the contributions from the ICAO EUR Region to the annual ICAO Global Air Navigation Report and relevant parts of it have been used for the ICAO EUR eANP Vol III.


ASBU implementation monitoring report 2017