Aviation System Block Upgrade (ASBU) Implementation Monitoring Report (2016)

ICAO EUR States - Reference Period 2016

This ICAO/EUROCONTROL ASBU implementation monitoring report presents an overview of the planning dates and implementation progress for the ICAO ASBU Block 0 Modules within the ICAO EUR Region during the reporting year 2016. 

The region covers 55 States and all of them provided monitoring information that was collected either through the ESSIP/LSSIP mechanism (41 States) or using a dedicated questionnaire for the States outside that mechanism.

A dashboard for implementation progress of ASBU Block 0 modules was developed and is presented, along with outlook for implementation foreseen by 2019 and 2020, in accordance with planning dates reported by States. A chart indicating the evolution of implementation progress achieved in these last two years of reporting is included as well.


ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report 2016