ARGOS Factsheet

MUAC’s next-generation ATC system – ATC Real Ground-breaking Operational System (ARGOS)

Like in many areas of the transport sector, automation is getting more and more attention in air traffic management (ATM).

The expected efficiency, productivity and safety benefits, as well as the prospect of reducing stress for human operators, are the main driving factors for current research and efforts devoted to introducing more automation in ATM.

ARGOS (ATC Real Ground-breaking Operational System) represents the vision of the next generation ATC system of EUROCONTROL's Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre. While current aides to the air traffic controller (ATCO) are limited to the detection of conflicts, the future system will be able not only to indicate the set of conflict-free solutions, but also to propose the optimal ones to the ATCO, and even to autonomously execute them under certain conditions (e.g. night traffic).

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ARGOS Factsheet