Analysis of most constraining en-route ATFM regulations, attributed to ATC capacity, during 2017

This study reviews capacity performance using new analysis methods to provide pragmatic information to air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and the air traffic management (ATM) community.

The report contains a review of 2017 ATC capacity provision, beginning with the current bottlenecks, and includes individual reports on the effectiveness of specific ANSPs to improve capacity for the network. The results were sent to the relevant ANSPs and included questions from the PRC about current and future capacity provision.

The ANSPs were invited to indicate how they propose to resolve or mitigate the bottlenecks in ATC capacity provision by replying to the PRC. The PRC has included the responses from the relevant ANSPs in the publication of this report as appropriate. This study is in line with the jointly agreed EUROCONTROL/EC paper on the complementarity of PRC tasks with those of the PRB, in order to avoid duplication.


Analysis of most constraining en route ATFM regulations, attributed to ATC capacity, during 2017