All Together Now 2023

Don't just think local, think Network!
All together now 2023

A practical guide for securing success in the network in Summer 2023

The EUROCONTROL Network Manager's guidance document "All Together Now 2023" gives flight dispatchers, pilots, air traffic controllers, flow management positions and airports a clear overview on the processes they should follow to ensure efficient, optimal operations. The DO's and DON'Ts are marked clearly in the document. Additional info pages marked by a circled "i" provide extra detail.

All together now 2023 - dispatchers


All together now 2023 - pilots



All together now 2023 - ATCO towers



All together now 2023 - ATCO acc



All together now 2023 - airports


Air traffic in Europe this summer is expected to be up to 15% above the traffic levels of 2022 – that's up to 37,000 flights per day. The war in Ukraine means less airspace is available, with many long-haul flights routing to the south-east to avoid Russia and 300% more military flights. Severe weather conditions, industrial actions or other disruptions can potentially further restrict available airspace and the smooth performance of the network.

This practical guide helps operational stakeholders to best optimise their air traffic and support the efficient functioning of the Network as a whole. Most notably it reminds all aviation partners of the need to:

  • prioritise first rotation
  • provide the agreed capacity
  • execute flight plans in a disciplined manner
  • share local plans and risks and mitigations on the Network Operations Portal (NOP) 
  • and more depending on your organisation.

All Together Now 2023

Don't just think local, think network


All Together Now 2023