All-causes delay and cancellations to Air Transport Europe for Q2 2019

The quarterly issue of our all-causes delay and cancellations to Air Transport Europe, formerly known as the CODA Digests, is part of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager’s reporting on network performance.

In the run up to the summer season airlines have made considerable efforts and investments such as scheduling improvements and using hot spare aircraft to improve on-time performance.

The benefits of this can be seen in the second quarter with punctuality improving to 75.8% (on arrival), compared to 74.7% in Q2 2018. Underlying this gain were significant reductions in reactionary (knock-on) delays, down 1.4 minutes, to 5.7 minutes average delay per flight. Primary delays from airline operations remained stable with only a slight increase of 0.1 minutes per flight in the quarter, contributing 3.6 minutes to the average delay per flight. Airline ops remained the main cause of primary delay.

ATFM en-route delay remained a significant cause of delay to airlines. However, in comparison to the high levels of Q2 2018 this decreased to 1.9 minutes per flight. Again, airline investments helped here, as did measures taken by the Network Manager and air navigation service providers for the summer, resulting in fewer ATC staffing and capacity issues, and helped by better weather.

Operational cancellations decreased to 1.8% (from 2.1% in Q2 2018) with industrial action remaining a factor, despite fewer disruptions during the quarter.

In summary, together these factors resulted in an average all-causes departure delay of 13.5 minutes, down by 2.0 minutes per flight on Q2 2018 when the average delay was 15.5 minutes per flight.


All-causes delay and cancellations to Air Transport Europe for Q2 2019