All-causes delay to Air Transport Europe for Q3 2021

This CODA Digest covers July, August and September 2021 (Q3 2021) and is published while European aviation remains affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have therefore reduced the CODA Digest to a minimum level of reporting.

Summarising the delay situation post ‘peak COVID’, we observe a return to more long-term trends, meaning lower levels of delay in the winter months which then increases during the summer season.

The average departure delay per flight for all-causes (the delay to a flight experienced by airlines, airports and passengers) increased by 5.4 minutes to 10.3 minutes per flight in Q3 2021 compared to the same period last year. The number of flights significantly increased when comparing to the record lows of Q3 2020. However, in comparison to Q3 2019, there were 31% fewer flights.

Arrival punctuality for the quarter remained good, with 82.9% of flights arriving within 15 minutes or earlier than their scheduled arrival time (STA).

Analysis into the causes of delay shows reactionary delay contributed the most to the average delay per flight at 4.1 minutes, with airline causes ranking second with 3.2 minutes per flight.

Delays due to Governmental causes* remain in third place contributing 1.0 minute to the average delay per flight, translating into a 16% share of generated primary delay minutes. This cause remains a significant burden to airline and airport operations, being down to the extra time taken, mostly at check-in, needed to check what the destination specifically requires and whether the passengers have the right combinations of COVID19 test and vaccination certificates.

ATFM airport and en-route delay despite increasing, remained low at around 0.6 minutes per flight.

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All-causes delay to Air Transport for Q3 2021