All-causes delay to air transport in Europe for June 2019

In June 2019, traffic increased by 1.4% when compared to June 2018. In June 2019 the average delay per flight on departure was 15.9 minutes per flight. This was a decrease of 3.1 minutes per flight when compared to June 2018 where the average delay per flight was 19.0 minutes. 

Concerning airports, thunderstorms affected Frankfurt Main notably on 03 June. Amsterdam Schiphol also experienced delays mainly from airport capacity, as well as weather particularly on 08 June where winds affected the airport. Athens airport also suffered from capacity delays. Regarding en-route, convective weather impacted Vienna, as well as Karlsruhe, Budapest and Marseille ACCs. En-route capacity delays were observed in Karlsruhe, Vienna and Budapest ACCs, ATC staffing issues also affected Marseille ACC.

CODA reports are part of the Network Manager’s reporting on network performance. These monthly publications put ATFM delay into the context of delays from all causes. They complement more detailed reporting of ATFM delay reporting.


All-causes delay to air transport in Europe - June 2019