Airspace Data Repository (ADR) Data Catalogue

The scope of the ADR Data Catalogue covers the complete ADR, namely ADR Phase I and ADR Phase II.

For more information regarding the content and deployment schedule for the ADR phases see the ADR Project Charter (reference 2).

This document, together with its supporting annexes will be used by:

  • The project team responsible for establishing the requirements and the processes to manage the data required for ADR services;
  • The users & providers of ADR services to understand their roles and responsibilities for providing and using the data;
  • Operational users and developers as a communications tool to confirm a common understanding of the data requirements
  • ADR Developers (database designers, ICD authors, etc.) to ensure the ADR satisfies the operational requirements efficiently, in particular the B2C and B2B interfaces;
  • Analysts to support determining the impact of a change request on business processes;


Airspace Data Repository (ADR) Data Catalogue
Airspace Data Repository (ADR) Data Catalogue Annex A