Airport Expert Group Plan

The WP5 Airport Expert Group is related to the clarification and refinement of: - Apron and Taxiway Management; - Runway Management The Expert Group will elaborate on the problems faced at the airport currently and review the SESAR concept to provide a realistic Airport Story in collaboration with the airport planning expert group (WP3.3.1). 

Collection and compilation of information from the Expert Group will be driven by regular meetings and discussions. Brainstorming exercises will also be used to refine and collect the group's views.

The principal output will be an Airport Story Board showing the milestones and relevant information (this will be assumptions, roles, responsibilities and dependencies) to support changes in the plan when milestones (or targets) are met or missed.

The Airport Story Board will also identify the Operational Experts judgement on realistic tolerances for aircraft departing or landing at an airport. Experts have been invited from ANSPs (specifically Airport Tower experts), airlines, ground handlers and airports to participate in this group. Additionally guest experts will participate to provide information on key topics such as Airport planning, Network Planning, TMA and En-Route operations in support of the Airport Expert Group objectives.


Airport Expert Group Plan