Airport Capacity Assessment Methodology (ACAM) Manual

The Airport Capacity Assessment Methodology (ACAM) Manual of the EUROCONTROL Network Manager provides a common methodology on how to assess airport capacity. 

Using commonly shared definitions, it allows airport stakeholders to assess their local capacity and offers guidance to those wanting to initiate an assessment for the first time. The manual can also be used as a reference for airports that have already established sophisticated capacity and performance teams.

This guidance material highlights the importance for an airport to understand its capacity – whether years in advance, for their strategic planning, or on the day before operation. Airport capacity assessment should ensure that all relevant factors are taken into consideration, depending on its scope. This includes environmental impact, resilience, as well as commercial and economic factors. Such assessments form the baseline for performance analysis by identifying if and how the plan works in practice.

It is also the starting point to identify enhancement options so as to improve the airport throughput  to make optimum use of the existing capacity and determine when the infrastructure will reach its limits. This is a key input for decision-making on investment and master planning.


Airport Capacity Assessment Methodology (ACAM) Manual