Air traffic management cost-effectiveness (ACE) benchmarking report for 2014

2015-2019 outlook

This report gives factual data and an analysis of 37 European air navigation service providers’ (ANSPs) cost-effectiveness and productivity for the year 2014.

It includes a high-level trend analysis for the years 2009-2014.

The analysis focuses primarily on costs that are under ANSPs’ direct control and responsibility, namely air traffic management communication, navigation and surveillance provision costs.

In addition, the report analyses the forward-looking information provided by ANSPs for 2015-2019. It looks at future financial cost-effectiveness performance on a system level and presents information on future capital expenditure.

This year, the ACE 2014 benchmarking report also contains a chapter with a longer-term analysis (10 years) of the changes in ANSPs’ cost-effectiveness over the years 2004-2014, covering the periods before and after the economic recession. It shows how the pan-European air navigations services system reacted to the global recession which affected the aviation community in 2009.


ATM cost-effectiveness (ACE) benchmarking report 2014