Air traffic management cost-effectiveness (ACE) benchmarking report for 2007

The report gives a benchmarking analysis of air traffic management (ATM) cost-effectiveness for 36 air navigation service providers (ANSPs) in Europe.

The analysis focuses primarily on costs that are under ANSPs’ direct control and responsibility, namely air traffic management communications, navigation and surveillance provision costs.

The benchmarking analysis is based on information provided by ANSPs to the PRC in compliance with Decision No. 88 of the Permanent Commission of EUROCONTROL.

ACE 2007 provides information and analysis on ANSPs’ cost-effectiveness and productivity for the year 2007, the latest year for which actual costs are available. It also examines changes over time for individual ANSPs and for the European ATM/CNS system as a whole.

A new feature is an independent assessment of individual ANSP cost-effectiveness performance for 2003-2007 and an analysis of the forward-looking information given by ANSPs for 2008-2012.


ATM cost-effectiveness (ACE) benchmarking report 2007