Air traffic management cost-effectiveness (ACE) benchmarking report for 2002

This report is the second in a series of annual reports based on mandatory information disclosure provided by 32 Air Navigation Services Providers (ANSPs) to the EUROCONTROL Performance Review Commission (PRC).

This report comprises factual data and analysis on cost-effectiveness and productivity for the 32 ANSPs. The scope of the report is both en-route and terminal navigation services (i.e. gate-to-gate). The main focus is on the ATM/CNS provision costs as these costs are under the direct control and responsibility of the ANSP. Costs borne by airspace users for less than optimal quality of service are also considered. The report describes a performance framework for the analysis of cost-effectiveness. The framework highlights 3 key performance drivers contributing to cost-effectiveness (productivity, employment costs and support costs). The report also presents detailed productivity comparisons for 61 Area Control Centres (ACCs) grouped in 3 clusters of different traffic complexity characteristics. Finally, the report analyses key ANSPs’ balance sheet data.


ATM cost-effectiveness (ACE) benchmarking report 2002