AI/ML Based Augmented 4D Trajectory

Executive Report

Among its recommendations, the FLY AI report encourages a “rapid uptake of AI-based solution in operations”. In parallel of these initiatives, EASA has published its artificial intelligence (AI) roadmap, and has launched a project aiming at delivering on this roadmap.

This document presents the main outcomes of one Sequence of the EUROCONTROL 'Climb’n Descent' Network Management (NM) Lab.

The objective of this Sequence is to improve the prediction of a 4D trajectory performed by the NM Operational systems, by introducing an artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) component, which will better predict the climb and descent rates of flights taking off from or landing at an airport located in the EUROCONTROL NM area.

The report is organised in chapters aligned to the structure of the guidance delivered by EASA for the introduction of AI/ML in aviation.


AI/ML Based Augmented 4D Trajectory - Executive report