ANS performance monitoring (EU wide level, 2012)

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First Reference Period (RP1):
EU wide view 2012 2013 2014
Local View 2012 2013 2014
Airport View 2012 2013 2014
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Dashboard second reference period (RP2)
  TRAFFIC [full year]
  IFR flights
  Source: Network Manager
  Avg. daily IFR flights (table is sortable)    [Download table]
 SAFETY [full year]
 Separation Minima Infringements (SMI)
 Source: DPS/SSR (final results, September 2013)
 Runway incursions (RI)
 Source: DPS/SSR (final results, September 2013)
 ATM Specific Technical Events (ATM)
 Source: DPS/SSR (final results, September 2013)
 Reporting of Just Culture    (Meta data)

There are no results at European wide level.

The results at State and ANSP level can be found at:
Just culture 2012

 Note that the total number of "NO" answers may not reflect an absence of Just Culture.
 Source: EASA

 Effectiveness of safety management (EoSM)  

The results at ANSP level can be found at: EoSM 2012

 Source: EASA
 RAT methodology application   (Meta data)

EU-wide average percentage of Separation Minima Infringements (SMI), Runway incursions (RI), and ATM Specific Technical Events (ATM) for which severity was assessed with RAT methodology.

The results at State level can be found at: RAT application 2012

Note: Some States did not report on the application of RAT methodology. Those States were credited with 0%. In addition, there are a few cases when no occurrences of specific type have been reported. These were not included in the average.
Source: DPS/SSR (final results, September 2013)
 En route ATFM delay KPI     (Meta data)

En-route ATFM delay (PP. vs. actual) (Jan.-Dec. 2012)
[Download data]
 En route ATFM delay (actual versus performance plan)
Source: Network Manager
  Airport ATFM delay PI    
Source: Network Manager
  Airport arrival ATFM delay by airport    [Download table]
  ASMA additional time PI    
  26 of 39 airports presently included in European view
Source: PRU analysis; CODA; Network Manager
 ASMA additional time by airport     [Download table]
 Taxi out additional time PI    
  44 of 77 airports presently included in European view
Source: PRU analysis; CODA; Network Manager
 Taxi-out additional time by airport     [Download table]
  Horizontal en route flight efficiency [KEP]    
Source: Network Manager
  Effective use of the civil / military airspace structures PI    
 Booking and release procedures    [Download table]
 Source: NSAs
 Utilisation of Conditional Routes (CDRs)
 Source: Network Manager
  En-route Service Units (SU)[actual vs. National/FAB Perf. Plan (NPP)]

  En-route Service Units (PP. vs. actual) (Jan.-Dec. 2012)
[Download data]
 Source:CRCO; National/FAB performance plans (NPP)
  En route (ER) determined unit rate KPI (annual, real terms, €2009)   
 Source:CRCO; National/FAB performance plans (NPP)
  En route (ER) cost efficiency (annual, real terms, €2009)
  Source:CRCO; National/FAB performance plans (NPP)
  Terminal (TR) ANS costs PI (annual, real terms, €2009)   
  Source:National/FAB performance plans (NPP)
 Source:National/FAB performance plans (NPP)
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