Terminal ANS Service Unit

Terminal service units are used to calculate the total amount of terminal navigation charges paid by airspace users, mainly commercial airlines, for the air navigation services provided.

Terminal service units are a result of the mass of the aircraft raised to a specific exponent as defined below.

Terminal navigation charges, i.e. the price paid by airspace users, are equal to the total number of service units multiplied by the terminal unit rate.

Terminal service units are defined in the Annex V of the [[EC 1794/2006|charging scheme regulation]] (all references below refer to articles of this regulation):

1. Calculation of terminal service units

1.1. The terminal service unit shall be equal to the weight factor for the aircraft concerned.

1.2. The weight factor, expressed as a figure taken to two decimal places, shall be the quotient, obtained by dividing by fifty the number of metric tons in the highest maximum certified take-off weight of the aircraft, referred to in Annex IV point 1.5, to the power of 0.7. However, in a transitional period of five years following the calculation of the first terminal unit rate under this Regulation, this exponent shall be comprised between 0.5 and 0.9.