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2018 (Please note that the post operational adjustments are not yet included)

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Additional Time in Terminal Airspace RP2_APT_ASMA_2018_Jan_Nov.xlsx
Airport Pre-departure Delay RP2_APT_ATC_PRE_2018_Jan_Nov.xlsx
Airport ATFM Arrival Delay RP2_APT_ATFM_ARR_2018_Jan_Dec.xlsx
Adherence to ATFM slots RP2_APT_ATFM_SLOT_2018_Jan_Dec.xlsx
Airport Additional Taxi-out Time RP2_APT_TxOut_2018_Jan_Nov.xlsx
En-route ATFM delay per Flight RP2_ERT_ATFM_2018_Jan_Dec.xlsx
En-route Service Units RP2_ERT_SU_2018_Jan_Nov.xlsx
Average daily IFR Flight RP2_Flights_2018_Jan_Dec.xlsx
Horizontal En-route Flight Efficiency RP2_FLT_EFF_2018_Jan_Dec.xlsx
En route Cost efficiency RP2_ERT_CEF_2018.xlsx
Terminal Cost efficiency RP2_TRM_CEF_2018.xlsx


Description Files/Link
Additional Time in Terminal Airspace RP2_APT_ASMA_2017.xlsx
Airport Pre-departure Delay RP2_APT_ATC_PRE_2017.xlsx
Airport ATFM Arrival Delay RP2_APT_ATFM_ARR_2017.xlsx
Adherence to ATFM slots RP2_APT_ATFM_SLOT_2017.xlsx
Airport Additional Taxi-out Time RP2_APT_TxOut_2017.xlsx
En-route ATFM delay per Flight RP2_ERT_ATFM_2017.xlsx
En-route Service Units RP2_ERT_SU_2017.xlsx
Average daily IFR Flight RP2_Flights_2017.xlsx
Horizontal En-route Flight Efficiency RP2_FLT_EFF_2017.xlsx
Terminal Cost efficiency RP2_TRM_CEF_2017.xlsx
En route Cost efficiency RP2_ERT_CEF_2017.xlsx
Effectiveness of Safety Management RP2_SAF_EoSM_2017.xlsx
RAT Methodology Application RP2_SAF_RAT_2017.xlsx
Reporting of Just Culture RP2_SAF_JC_2017.xlsx


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Additional Time in Terminal Airspace RP2_APT_ASMA_2016.xlsx
Airport Pre-departure Delay RP2_APT_ATC_PRE_2016.xlsx
Airport ATFM Arrival Delay RP2_APT_ATFM_ARR_2016.xlsx
Adherence to ATFM slots RP2_APT_ATFM_SLOT_2016.xlsx
Airport Additional Taxi-out Time RP2_APT_TxOut_2016.xlsx
En-route ATFM delay per Flight RP2_ERT_ATFM_2016.xlsx
En-route Service Units RP2_ERT_SU_2016.xlsx
Average daily IFR Flight RP2_Flights_2016.xlsx
Horizontal En-route Flight Efficiency RP2_FLT_EFF_2016.xlsx
Terminal Cost efficiency RP2_TRM_CEF_2016.xlsx


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Additional Time in Terminal Airspace RP2_APT_ASMA_2015.xlsx
Airport Pre-departure Delay RP2_APT_ATC_PRE_2015.xlsx
Airport ATFM Arrival Delay RP2_APT_ATFM_ARR_2015.xlsx
Adherence to ATFM slots RP2_APT_ATFM_SLOT_2015.xlsx
Airport Additional Taxi-out Time RP2_APT_TxOut_2015.xlsx
En-route ATFM delay per Flight RP2_ERT_ATFM_2015.xlsx
En-route Service Units RP2_ERT_SU_2015.xlsx
Average daily IFR Flight RP2_Flights_2015.xlsx
Horizontal En-route Flight Efficiency RP2_FLT_EFF_2015.xlsx
Terminal Cost efficiency RP2_TRM_CEF_2015.xlsx