Virtual centre

Enabling greater ATC operations flexibility and seamless and more cost-efficient service provision to airlines and other airspace users.

The virtual centre (VC), a project led by EUROCONTROL under the SESAR 2020 programme, seeks to allow a more open relationship between multiple air traffic data service (ADSPs) and air traffic service providers (ATSPs) – a collaboration that enables state border independent ATC service provisions.


As part of this PJ32-W3-VC project, we will develop with our partners the technical infrastructure necessary to validate the VC concept and methods of geographically and/or organisationally decoupling of air traffic data service providers (ADSP) from air traffic service providers (ATSP) located in an air traffic service unit (ATSU), through service interfaces defined in service level agreements (SLAs).

The project complements the PJ10-W2-93 solution, which focusses on how virtual centres can provide different airspace delegation’s scenarios, and aims to analyse:

  • the ATFCM process underpinning the decision on cross-border airspace delegation;
  • possible virtual centre configurations.


EUROCONTROL (Coordinator), Valstybes Imone Oro Navigacija, Polska Agencja Zeglugi Powietrznej, Austro Control Osterreichische Gesellschaft Fur Zivilluftfahrt Mbh, Croatia Control, Croatian Air Navigation Services Ltd, Luftfartsverket, Naviair, DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung Gmbh, Direction Des Services De La Navigation Aerienne, ENAIRE, ENAV Spa, Frequentis Ag, Hungarocontrol Magyar Legiforgalmiszolgalat Zartkoruen Mukodo Reszvenytarsasag, Indra Sistemas Sa, Leonardo - Societa Per Azioni, Sintef As, Skyguide, Sa Suisse Pour Les Services De La Navigation Aerienne Civils Et Militaires, Thales Las France Sas, Nats (En Route) Public Limited Company, Rizeni Letoveho Provozu Ceske Republiky Statni Podnik, Letove Prevadzkove Sluzby Slovenskej Republiky, Statny Podnik, Udaras Eitliochta Na Heireann The Irish Aviation Authority, ATOS Belgium, Airtel Atn Limited, Saab Aktiebolag.