System-wide information management technical infrastructure

Addressing the technical infrastructure of SWIM as an enabler for other SESAR 2020 projects.

Reaching the goals European airspace (Single European Sky) is only possible with focused and extensive technical developments at the European level. One of the major challenges is making sure every actor in air traffic management (ATM) has the right information at the right time and in a consistent manner, as ATM information is the key to many concepts developed in SESAR. Extensive research was conducted in SESAR 1 under this topic called “System-Wide Information Management (SWIM)”.

The project addresses the technical infrastructure of SWIM as an enabler to the other projects. It will build on the SESAR 1 research results by integrating the aircraft on the one hand and the military stakeholders on the other hand into the SWIM infrastructure. The aircraft being an essential provider of information with regard to the flight trajectory and an information user, e.g. for meteorological information, which ensures a more efficient flight progress. Integration with the military will contribute to a more complete picture of the traffic situation. Both aspects will improve trajectory-based operations and thus improve the experience for the passengers. The common runtime registry will extend the capability of the SESAR 1 SWIM design-time (static) registry by acting as a real-time directory, used to dynamically discover and connect to deployed SWIM services, suited best for the current request during operation, like the internet’s Domain Name Service. This will provide the consumers with an efficient access to the SWIM services, thus facilitating cost-effective operation.


The industrial project, SWIM technical infrastructure ( PJ17 SWIM-TI) will contribute to:

  • Increase cost efficiency;
  • Enhance safety, security and resilience;
  • Improve civil-military cooperation and coordination.


PJ.17-01 - SWIM-TI Purple profile for air/ground advisory info sharing (to reach TRL/technology readiness level 6);
PJ.17-03 – SWIM-TI Green profile for ground/ground civil-military information sharing (to reach TRL4);
PJ.17-08 – SWIM-TI Common runtime registry (to reach TRL6).


The companies involved in this project are the only ones that can deliver this kind of result. Not on their own – but as the unique cooperation between air navigation service providers and air and ground industry. This ensures the capabilities not only to come up with the concepts and develop prototypes but also to provide sustainable results usable throughout Europe. Participating partners include: