SWIM common PKI and policies and procedures for establishing a Trust Framework


‘SWIM common PKI and policies and procedures for establishing a Trust Framework’ is a project led by EUROCONTROL and funded by INEA, which aims to define and develop a dedicated common PKI and an associated trust framework for Europe. The project also covers their integration and validation and will ensure the interoperability of digital certificates within Europe and with other regions.

Trust Framework

The Trust Framework will consist of:

  • a governance model to ensure the integrity, independence and reputation of the solution;
  • a business model for defining funding, costs and access terms;
  • a policy management authority: terms of reference, working arrangements etc;
  • a registration authority;
  • PKI CP/CPS (Certificate Policy/Certification Practices Statements);
  • interoperability criteria and demonstration with other regions (for example the FAA and ICAO);
  • PKI/Bridge specifications;
  • call for tenders for a PKI/Bridge solution development and day-to-day operations;
  • guidance material for users;

The project runs between 2018 and mid-2022.

Project partners

ANSPs: ANS Finland, Austrocontrol, BULATSA, DFS, DSNA, ENAV, FABCE Ltd, HANSA, Hungarocontrol, LFV, LVNL, LPS SR, NATS, NAVIAIR, NAV PT, Oro Navigacija, PANSA, ROMATSA, skeyes, SloveniaControl SMATSA

Airport operators: ADP, CPH, MAG

Airspace users: Air France, Lufthansa, Ryanair Military: French MOD, Spanish Air Force

Military: French MOD, Spanish Air Force