PJ05 Remote tower

Remote tower for multiple airports

We propose the development of a remotely provided aerodrome air traffic service by a 'multiple' or 'centre' setting.

The SESAR 2020 project PJ05 - Remote Tower seeks to develop an aerodrome air traffic service (ATS) provided remotely by  a 'multiple' or 'centre' setting. These settings help to combine ATS services from various aerodromes in a centralized control room, independently of airport location, in order to make more efficient use of the valuable ATS resource provider.

'Single' remote tower settings have already been deployed in previous projects, but most significant cost-effectiveness impacts are to be expected with multiple and/or centre settings, which have only partially been provided for so far.  Immediate development effort is required to deploy the concept in the short term. PJ05 will bring the multiple/centre concept to a more mature level.


This project will bring about increases in cost efficiency and in passenger comfort thanks to shorter travel times and point-to-point connections, especially at rural and less frequented airports.

Our role

EUROCONTROL is responsible for the development and validation of the safety and human performance requirements.


PJ05 has attracted plenty of European organisations to participate in the project. ANSPs, industries, R&D and airport stakeholders intend to make available their specific competences to broaden the operational needs and technological expertise. The variety of partners and validation activities in PJ05 will help to adequately reflect the variety of operational needs and technical solutions in a harmonized and widely accepted SESAR2020 PJ05 solution. All the work is structured in a very collaborative way throughout all work packages and will ensure the transfer of knowledge and know-how between all participants and parties external to SESAR2020 projects.