NOTAM prioritization with AI

How AI can help the EUROCONTROL Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC) process NOTAMs in a more timely and efficient manner.


At the Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC) we optimise traffic flows by constantly balancing capacity and demand, while helping to ensure the safe and efficient operation of flights going to and over Europe. The NMOC is monitoring manually between 600 and 800 NOTAMs daily, from which only a small percentage (typically 1.5 %) requires an update in our systems in real time.

How it works

The NOTAM list AI module by assigning priority index, will identity, extract, and display the most relevant NOTAMs at the top of the list, allowing NMOC Operators to deal with them quickly, freeing up their time for higher value tasks.


Integrated in a new HMI NOTAM dashboard, the NOTAM AI application will also allow us not only to process NOTAM in a better order but also to receive in real time, and with high level of priority at the top of the list, any alert about a potential disruption or crisis in the network.