Future sky safety

Coordinated research and innovation actions targeting the highest levels of safety for European aviation

Future Sky Safety has officially taken off in 2015 and it is a joint research programme that focuses on two main streams of activities:

  • Coordination of institutional safety research programmes

The national research establishments participating in the programme will coordinate the safety research executed under their national institutional research programmes. The set-up of new institutional programmes will be coordinated, national results will be shared amongst the establishments, the hiring of PhDs will be coordinated, etc.

  • Collaborative safety research

Gaps in safety research that remain even after the coordinated effort of the research establishments will be tackled in this second part of the programme where the research establishments will cooperate with universities, industry, SMEs and airlines.

The programme is managed in coordination with EASA, IMG4, SESAR Joint Undertaking and EUROCONTROL .


This project is built on European safety priorities, around four main themes with each theme consisting of a small set of projects.

Theme one - New solutions for today’s accidents -  aims for breakthrough research with the purpose of enabling a direct, specific, significant risk reduction in the medium term;

Theme two -  Strengthening the capability to manage risk -  conducts research on processes and technologies to enable the aviation system actors to achieve near-total control over the safety risk in the air transport system;

Theme three - Building ultra-resilient systems and operators - conducts research on the improvement of systems and the human operator with the specific aim to improve safety performance under unanticipated circumstances.

Theme four - Building ultra-resilient vehicles -  aims at reducing the effect of external hazards on the aerial vehicle integrity, as well as improving the safety of the cabin environment. To really connect and drive complementary Safety R&D to safety priorities as put forward in the EASA European Aviation Safety plan (EASp) and the EC ACARE Strategic Research and Innovation (RIA)Agenda, Safety Research Coordination activities are proposed.


The EC Flight Path 2050 vision aims to achieve the highest levels of safety to ensure that passengers and freight as well as the air transport system and its infrastructure are protected. However, trends in safety performance over the last decade indicate that the ACARE Vision 2020 safety goal of an 80% reduction of the accident rate is not being achieved. A stronger focus on safety is required. There is a need to start a Joint Research Programme (JRP) on Aviation Safety, aiming for Coordinated Safety Research as well as Safety Research Coordination.

The proposed JRP Safety, established under coordination of EREA (Association of European Research Establishments in Aeronautics).


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