Coordination and support action for mobility in Europe: research and assessment

European mobility for the future

Between 2017 and 2021, CAMERA will assess and report on the status of air transport mobility research and innovation in Europe and its capabilities for accomplishing long-term mobility goals. CAMERA will quantitatively and qualitatively:

  • evaluate executed research activities from the last decade on air mobility;
  • identify the current and future gaps and innovation bottlenecks in the context of mobility goals;
  • formulate appropriate recommendations.


  • Involvement and active participation in the development of the Mobility4EU Action Plan, a roadmap to a user-centric, cross-modal European transport system in 2030.
  • An opportunity to exchange ideas on the future of the European transport system with representatives from different European platforms.
  • Interaction and exchange between academic projects /industry experts during the course of the workshop and throughout the projects to obtain feedback on current work and details on the European mobility landscape.


Innaxis, Bauhaus, DeepBlue, Luftfahrt and University of Westminster.