Content integration, performance management and business case development

Enabling the overall performance assessment of the SESAR solutions brought together against the performance improvements expected for the European ATM Master Plan.

The SESAR 2020 Programme aims to modernise and harmonise the European air traffic management (ATM) system from an operational and technological perspective. It develops and validates different ATM concepts and technologies (SESAR solutions) which contribute to achieving its high-level performance objectives.

In this complex context, it is crucial to have a transversal activity which generates a consolidated big picture and ensures the consistency and coherence of the future European ATM system described by the SESAR 2020 Concept of Operations, the Architecture Description Document, the many services and the associated performance results.

This will ensure the delivery of a best-in-class, globally interoperable, high performing, greener and digitalised air transport system, and will make the Single European Sky concept a reality.

These transversal activities are carried out in the framework of the Content integration, performance management and business case development (PJ19-W2 CI) project lead by EUROCONTROL. The project produces the SESAR European ATM architecture available on the European ATM Master Plan (eATM) portal.


The project contributes to:

  • integrating SESAR solutions and producing the SESAR single European ATM architecture;
  • ensuring the coherence and consistency of the SESAR 2020 solutions brought together;
  • aggregating and consolidating the results of performance assessments and CBAs at ECAC level;
  • contributing to the ATM Master Plan levels 1, 2 and 3;
  • supporting the SESAR programme in the maturity assessment of the SESAR solutions and in the SJU/SESAR governance decision making;
  • maintaining common European ATM architecture (EATMA), performance and system engineering data management frameworks for R&D activities;
  • offering training, coaching, support and reference material which is up to date and consistent with the European ATM Master Plan to all SESAR participants;
  • providing and maintaining the eATM Portal.


The CI project has created common content baselines such as the SESAR 2020 operational concept, the SESAR Architecture, the SESAR Architecture Description Document (ADD), and the SESAR Performance Aggregation and Gap Assessment Report (PAGAR). It has also defined the SESAR Performance and the European ATM Architecture (EATMA) frameworks. Both have provided a shared foundation, a consolidated view and a common way of working for all SESAR partners. Publicly available deliverables can be accessed on the CORDIS website.

The CI project also makes available the web-based portal providing an integrated view of the SESAR Architecture and the European ATM Master Plan (eATM) portal.

Our contribution

As CI project leader, EUROCONTROL contributes its technical expertise, its knowledge and capabilities, its expertise in ATM operations, ATM architecture and cybersecurity, as well as its performance expertise in domains such as the environment, capacity, safety, security and cost-benefit analyses (CBAs).


AIRBUS (France), DLR (AT-One) (Germany), ON (B4) (Lithuania), PANSA (B4) (Poland), LFV/COOPANS (Sweden), DSNA (France), Enaire (Spain), ENAV (Italy), FRQ (Austria), INDRA (Spain), LDO (Italy), SINTEF (NATMIG) (Norway), NATS (United Kingdom), SKYGUIDE (Switzerland), THALES Air Sys (France).