ATM Master Plan maintenance

Ensuring the maintenance, updating and alignment of the three levels of the European ATM Master Plan.

European air traffic management (ATM) stakeholders collaborate on developing a shared vision for the future of ATM and on developing the necessary enabling solutions in the framework of the ATM Master Plan. 

Under the leadership of EUROCONTROL, the SESAR 2020 Master Plan maintenance project (PJ 20 W2 AMPLE) ensures that all dimensions of the European ATM Master Plan progress in sync with each other and with the latest technological and operational advances in ATM to support the European ambitions for an interoperable, scalable, flexible and greener digital air transport system. The European ATM Master Plan is available on the European ATM Portal (eATM Portal).

Our role

We provide the means, framework and expertise to prepare the necessary updates to the European ATM Master Plan. To this end, we monitor the progress on development and implementation and establish a transparent and neutral coordination process, setting up work packages to ensure partner contributions and, where needed, specific working arrangements for broad stakeholder involvement. The Master Plan maintenance project contributes to SESAR 2020 activities in the following ways:

  • coordinating and supporting the management of the Master Plan updates (yearly for level two and three; every three years for level one);
  • describing medium - to long-term SESAR performance ambitions in line with SES performance goals;
  • outlining operational and technological changes necessary to achieve the goals of the Single European Sky, assisting the SESAR JU in the definition of common projects;
  • developing deployment scenarios synchronising SESAR solutions for optimal deployment, on the basis of consolidated performance assessments and cost-benefit analysis;
  • assessing the regulatory or standardisation needs and timelines of SESAR solutions and maintaining the associated Master Plan roadmaps;
  • assessing business cases on the basis of financial and qualitative arguments, identifying positive and negative aspects and ways of mitigating the negative aspects;
  • developing, coordinating and planning the detailed implementation actions for mature solutions and reporting on their deployment progress;
  • providing expertise to the SESAR Joint Undertaking for identifying Master Plan changes related to emerging requirements: new entrants, disruptive technologies, etc.;
  • populating, in coordination with PJ19 W2 CI, the European ATM Master Plan Portal.


AIRBUS (France), DLR (AT-One) (Germany), ON (B4) (Lithuania), PANSA (B4) (Poland), ACG/COOPANS (Austria), LFV/COOPANS (Sweden), Naviair/COOPANS (Denmark), DFS (Germany), DSNA (France), ENAIRE (Spain), ENAV (Italy), HC (FSP) (Hungary), INDRA (Spain), LDO (Italy), SAAB (NATMIG) (Sweden), SINTEF (NATMIG) (Norway), NATS (United Kingdom), AVINOR (SEAC2020) (Norway), HAL (SEAC2020) (United Kingdom), MUC (SEAC2020) (Germany), SNBV (SEAC2020) (The Netherlands), SKYGUIDE (Switzerland), THALES Air Sys (France).