SBAS channel number allocation

Satellite-based augmentation system channel number allocation

Allocating SBAS channel numbers in Europe.

SBAS augments the performance of the global positioning system by improving, in particular, the accuracy and integrity of navigation data. It enables required navigation performance (RNP) approach procedures to lateral precision with vertical guidance approach (LPV) minima. These approach procedures make for improved safety and better access to airports. The European SBAS system is called the European GNSS Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS).

Our role

EUROCONTROL is the current focal point for SBAS channel allocation in Europe. The United States’ Federal Aviation Association (FAA) holds the global list of channel numbers. They have provided a block of numbers to EUROCONTROL for allocation in Europe. This is an interim procedure until ICAO puts a global solution in place.

Channel allocation procedure

To obtain a new channel, European airspace users should send us a request detailing:

  • the country where the procedure is to be published;
  • the aerodrome and its ICAO code where available, or LTP/FTP coordinates if no ICAO code exists;
  • the targeted runway end;
  • the name of the chart (e.g. “RNP Rwy xx”);
  • the criteria used for the procedure design (APV I or CAT I);
  • the estimated date of implementation;
  • other minima to be published on the chart.

If no longer needed, an allocated channel can be released upon request. Kindly use the contact form of this page.