“ATM Data as a Service” project between Slovenia Control and EUROCONTROL successfully completes Phase 2 shadow operations

5 April 2017

Ljubljana, Slovenia – Air traffic controllers at Slovenia Control’s Ljubljana Area Control Centre have successfully handled shadow operations in Slovenian airspace using data processed remotely at EUROCONTROL’s Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC) as part of the “ATM Data as a Service” (ADaaS) project.

 “ATM Data as a Service” (ADaaS), a three-year project between Slovenia Control and EUROCONTROL’s MUAC, aims to develop and deploy a prototype to demonstrate that ATM data can be provided from an operational ATM environment as a service to one or more civil air traffic service units (ATSUs) by a single distributed ATM system. The project, which contributes to the Single European Sky by deploying new technologies and best practices, is co-financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) to the tune of EUR 2.45 million.

In June 2016, Phase 1 of the joint project was successfully completed. The expert teams from both air navigation service providers were able, within a limited time period, to overcome the operational and technical challenges inherent in such an innovative approach in the ATM environment. The next step, successfully completed in March 2017, was to demonstrate the use of an open interface between the MUAC flight data processing system and Slovenia Control’s controller working positions/human-machine interface. Data processed remotely at MUAC was displayed and used on three different types of controller working positions in the Slovenia Control simulator during the second phase of shadow operations. The human machine interface’s software and tools were adapted to communicate with the newly developed gateway, acting as a mediator and allowing an open interface by applying system-wide information management (SWIM) principles.

The final phase of the demonstration (Phase 3 of the ADaaS Demonstrator), planned for the third quarter of 2017, will involve a distributed flight data processing system in two locations (MUAC and Slovenia Control) and can serve controller working positions/human-machine interfaces either remotely or locally. Phase 3 will provide essential data on how to deploy a state-of-the-art data centre from which an ATM data service provider (ADSP) can deliver services to ATSUs with proper contingency and disaster recovery.

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Mireille Roman, EUROCONTROL Maastricht,
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Note to editors
Slovenia Control provides air traffic control and management in Slovenian airspace in a high-quality and efficient manner, issues aeronautical information, and introduces, maintains and upgrades systems and devices for safe air traffic control and management. The company has established good relations with neighbouring countries and its aim is to contribute to meeting the European Commission’s objectives in connection with the creation of functional airspace blocks (FABs) in Europe. In a relatively small airspace, a total of 368,042 flights were performed in 2016, with an average of 745 IFR operations a day. A daily traffic record of 1,244 operations a day was reached in August 2016. / EUROCONTROL/MUAC, operated by EUROCONTROL on behalf of four States, provides control for the upper airspace (above 24,500 feet, i.e. approximately 7,500 metres) of Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and north-west Germany. The international area of responsibility it covers is a perfect example of the simplification and harmonisation of airspace in Europe. MUAC is a model for cross-border projects in the spirit of the Single European Sky. More than 1.77 million flights pass through MUAC’s area of responsibility each year, making it the third busiest air traffic control facility in Europe in terms of traffic volume. During the summer, peak days see close to 5,500 flights. / Disclaimer - The sole responsibility for this publication lies with the author. The European Union is not responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained herein.

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