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Working closely with customers is in the DNA of Maastricht UAC. It gives us the opportunity to take action on what we learn. We appreciate the relationship so much and we make it our priority to develop to meet your needs. As a result, we have developed a business-to-business (B2B) tool which not only takes into account the traffic demand but is combined with a business view. Now we can all have our eyes on efficiency gains.

The ATM Portal (ATM-P) is a special platform that gives all users the ability to collaborate, to share data and information, and to act on a range of cost-saving and environmental opportunities. It is available on both pc and mobile devices.

Multi-sourced data from aircraft operators, flow management systems and positions, network and expert planners, which are aligned and integrated into modern traffic prediction tools are the key to offering the best possible service to aircraft operators.

Discover below what kind of opportunities can ATM-P offer.

Critical flight watch

Algorithms detect and automatically display potential problems such as long delays (whether within or outside an air traffic regulation) which could lead to passenger claims. They also look at airport curfew times, tight airline schedules, change of status or parameters in the flight plan.

Priority flight watch

Each aircraft operator knows its business requirements better than us. That is why we allow any aircraft operator to assign priority status to their flights using ATM-P. This lets us know which flights we should concentrate our efforts on helping.

Slot time assistance

When air traffic regulations are in place in close coordination with the Network Manager and the network partners, using our high accuracy prediction tools, we look for the best possible slot improvements where spare capacity permits.

MUAC ATM Portal - Slot time assistance

Pre-flight check

Integrated into the ATM-P is a system which compares the flight plan any aircraft operator files with a database of available routes. If an opportunity for a shorter, more efficient route exists, then it can be checked and if feasible sent out as a re-route proposal to the aircraft operator.

MUAC ATM Portal - pre-flight check

Using shared airspace

We share the airspace with the military. When military airspace is not in use (at times this can be at short notice and therefore not seen by the network) we can sometimes offer aircraft operators “flexible use of airspace” shorter routes.

AIRAC check

Every month, a new network catalogue of routes and rules called AIRAC (Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control) is published.

We have noted that it can take time to update systems to use new available routes and therefore our planning experts check any available opportunities and coordinate them through tactical operations, to possibly be sent as proposals to AO operations.

Loop the loop with ATM-P

Feedback loop and learning leads to continuous improvements, not only of the tool and services offered through it but also for your operations, such as company routes.

ATM Awards 2021 Runner-Up

Learn more about the results of the 2021 Customer Initiative

Request access to ATM Portal & ask questions

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Please note that the ATM Portal can only be used within the FABEC (France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany), UK and Ireland areas of responsibility.

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