Maastricht UAC ATM Portal

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The MUAC ATM Portal is a special platform for aircraft operators to identify their priority flights for local regulation improvement as part of the 2021 Customer Initiative.


It allows aircraft operators to report on:

  • their flights with the highest business value;
  • unforeseen business-critical issues during daily operations.

Through auto-detection software implementation in the ATM Portal and corresponding improved operational procedures, the service to high-value flights has been expanded to flights with critical impact from delay, such as risk of diversion on account of airport curfews, passenger claims and schedule disruption.

With ongoing quality and efficiency improvements, the service is delivering protection from delay impact for business-critical flights roughly twice as much as for non-critical flights.


Without discrimination, and in close collaboration with EUROCONTROL's Network Manager, airspace users have been helped to save some 150,000 minutes for more than 5,000 flights in 2018, distributed over 300 airlines.

Pre-flight check

One of our latest innovations uses the Pre-flight check tool to identify the best possible route and flying altitude by assessing the fine detail of each flight plan filed and to send an offer to the aircraft operator to optimise the flight plan.

Opportunities are based on aircraft performance, comparison of commonly flown routes, utilising traffic demand dips or by making use of routes through inactive military areas.

Access conditions

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