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European performance-based navigation portal

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At EUROCONTROL, we developed the e-PBN portal to provide access to a wide range of information on all aspects of performance-based navigation (PBN). In addition, we provide helpful navigation tools to the different actors involved in PBN implementation.

The portal is a great place for stakeholders implementing PBN to find technical and operational information, guidance material, PBN handbooks, navigation tools and solutions fit for their specific needs and operational environment.

Implementation support

We are keen to assist our Member States' efforts in implementing performance-based navigation (PBN) in accordance with the Pilot Common Project Implementation Regulation (PCP IR EU 716/2014) and the European Commission's Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1048 of 18 July 2018 laying down airspace usage requirements and operating procedures concerning performance-based navigation (PBN).

As part of our support to optimise and rationalise navigation infrastructure, our portal's insights and tools help the collaboration between air navigation service providers (ANSPs), national authorities, airspace planners, procedure designers, engineers, flight inspectors and airspace users.

We support:

  • airspace designers to balance and trade off requirements of the airspace concept;
  • procedure designers to ensure that any instrument flight procedure is designed in accordance with harmonised best practices. ;
  • environmental stakeholders to influence the route placement, ensuring that noise, emissions and visual intrusion are mitigated to the maximum extent possible;
  • airport operators to improving airport access;
  • airspace users to provide key aircraft performance inputs to the airspace design process, as well as their business continuity requirements be this civil, military, commercial or general aviation.


All users can benefit from the e-PBN portal's development. It contains a wealth of knowledge assembled from the years of experience of all experts and organisations involved in its development.

Although the portal is primarily aimed at service provision and air traffic management (ATM), other stakeholders will benefit from the information enabling them to undertake the appropriate actions in preparation for the implementation of PBN.

Navigation tools

The navigation tools section contains embedded web-based applications and links to helpful EUROCONTROL applications.

These web-based tools help to raise awareness and assist conceptual design and planning.

The embedded tools are not fit for operational use. The tools have been developed to provided airspace designers and planners a first indicator as to whether the placement of the flows of traffic should safely meet the needs of the future airspace concept. These web-based applications are not validation tools and separate validation activities will be required to satisfy safety requirements. These web-based tools are provided free of charge and EUROCONTROL accepts no liability for their use.


Performance based navigation helps to increase efficiency and capacity, reduce environmental impact and improve airport access. EUROCONTROL’s role is to support the implementation of PBN by providing technical expertise, ensuring common PBN application and a robust infrastructure, while raising awareness of its benefits. Various stakeholders are involved in the development of PBN and the resulting navigation application(s). Pooling our knowledge and resources is a sure way to avoid duplication and to make efficient use of resources.

Access conditions

The e-PBN Portal is freely open and available online for users to access without registration. Access to some of the tools requires authentication.