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The European ATM (eATM) Portal provides an integrated view of the European ATM System. It is the home of the electronic web-based platform providing access to all information composing the three levels of the European ATM Master Plan (the Master Plan) outlining the essential operational and technological changes as integrated within the European ATM Architecture. These changes provide the SESAR contribution to the Single European Sky performance objectives.

The three levels of the Master Plan are:

  • level 1: executive view;
  • level 2: planning and architecture view;
  • level 3: implementation view.

The Public environment of the European ATM Portal gives access to Master Plan Level 1, 2 and 3. The working environment contains the public environment completed with the European ATM architecture. It describes the nature and impact of the changes modelled according to the European ATM architecture framework (EATMA).


The eATM Portal is the gateway to Master Plan information, architecture and deployment progress.  The three levels of the Master Plan are shown in a connected way:

  • the first level, the executive view, is designed for decision-makers. This level aims to ensure that SESAR development activities are focused on SES policy priorities;
  • the second level, the planning and architectural view, offers an expert viewpoint on the changes to come from several perspectives on performance, operations, systems, services and standards supported by models; 
  • finally, the third level, the implementation view, supports how these changes should be rolled out to achieve the SES objectives.

The Portal provides interactive traceability between the Master Plan document and the underlying information. As a user, you can browse through the same high-level plans as in printed documents, with easy access to the underlying detail.

Navigation is facilitated by coloured and dynamic texts and dialogue boxes. All available data can be readily identified, downloaded in multiple formats or printed.

The eATM Portal is in continuous evolution and we welcome your suggestions for improvement. For all other questions, please use the contact form on this page.

Access conditions

Public access does not require any conditions whereas restricted access is available to SESAR partners, ATM Master Plan and LSSIP contributors.

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