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Simplifying feedback on specifications and guidelines.

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At EUROCONTROL, we have developed a portal to simplify the collection of user feedback on our specifications and guidelines and make the process of public consultation much easier for our contributors. 


Via our portal you can easily find all specifications and guidelines currently under development and consultation. By clicking on on the feedback button, you can send our experts your comments and questions. You will be asked to provide your name and email so that you can be contacted back for clarification and/or answers to their questions.

A restricted area of the portal (accessible to OneSky Online users) allows you to take part in our public consultation process. You can, through your organisation's focal point or as an individual, submit responses and comments on ongoing consultation on draft specifications and guidelines. Learn more about how to register below.

Access conditions

The platform is open to the public. No registration required to see the latest list of specifications and guidelines. Some information is required on an ad-hoc basis in order to receive your feedback.

To access the restricted part, dedicated to our stakeholder public consultation process, please:

  1. register to OneSky Online;
  2. log in with your username and password;
  3. subscribe to the Standardisation Portal via the 'Manage' button unless you already have it in your list of services

Once you have been granted access, log into the portal via OneSky Online, or the button above and send us your feedback.

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