PBN Map tool

Performance based navigation map tool

Mapping the implementation status for performance based navigation (PBN) procedures in the ECAC area while ensuring compliance with ICAO and European regulations.

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Performance based navigation map tool

This tool shows the implementation status and plans for PBN procedures in the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) area. It mainly covers PBN approaches (RNP APCH and RNP AR APCH) and PBN Standard instrument departure/arrival routes (SID/STAR). Additionally, the tool provides information related to the PBN IR (EU 2018/1048) implementation.


This EUROCONTROL Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Map Tool illustrates the deployment of PBN procedures at ECAC airports. The airport colour code on the map indicates whether procedures are implemented or are planned to be implemented. Views provide the current deployment status as well as the status in the past and in the future. Detailed information per RWY can be accessed when clicking on an airport.

The tool also provides information related to the PBN IR implementation at each runway end impacted by the rule.

The tool is feature-rich, providing information on:

  • deployment progress based on actual publications (according to national AIPs). The deployment of PBN approach procedures has been monitored since 2012 and since 2021 for PBN SID/STAR;
  • future deployment trends based on publication plans documented in PBN Transition Plans from ATM/ANS providers;
  • PBN IR implementation status;
  • Navigation specifications ( RNAV1, RNP1, etc) and navigation sensors for PBN SID/STAR routes (GNSS, DME/DME/IRE, etc.);
  • use of “Radius to Fix (RF)” in PBN SID/STAR procedures;
  • PBN procedures for helicopters;
  • status of conventional procedures in the TMA.

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