LSSIP collaboration platform

Local Single Sky implementation monitoring collaboration platform

Our secure online space for sharing, organising and managing LSSIP reporting work.

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The LSSIP collaboration platform is a secure online space for LSSIP focal points, State experts, national supervisory authorities (NSAs), air navigation service providers (ANSPs), airports and military organisations, where they can share, organise and manage their LSSIP reporting work.

Access conditions

To access the LSSIP collaboration platform:

  1. Register to OneSky Online
    Registering to OneSky Online takes a few minutes. This will allow you to access the LSSIP Collaboration Platform, as well as many other EUROCONTROL tools.

Register to OneSky Online

  1. Request access
    Once you have registered, please coordinate with the LSSIP focal point, who has to approve access for other national experts. The arrangements for access (read-only, or read-and-write) are agreed between each contact person and the State focal point.
  2. Confirmation
    Your request will be vetted and you will receive a confirmation that you can access the tool. The time this takes depends on the team in charge and the process applied. Once you have received a confirmation, click on ‘Log in’, provide your credentials and enjoy.