PHARE – Back to the Future

The Programme for Harmonised ATM Research in EUROCONTROL (PHARE) was a collaborative research programme within Europe to investigate a future Air Traffic Management (ATM) concept. The objective of PHARE was to organise, co-ordinate and conduct studies and experiments to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of a future air-ground integrated air traffic management system in all phases of flight.
The programme which started in 1989 and was completed in 1999 involved a number of European research establishments, assisted by national authorities, combining their Air Traffic Control (ATC) and aeronautics experience and resources to undertake a comprehensive and coordinated research effort, building on existing in-house programmes.
  Participants in PHARE
The cost over 10 years was approximately 90 M€, of which around 50% was funded from the research budget of the EUROCONTROL Agency and the other 50% by the other participants.

PHARE is still relevant today as many of the concepts and tools investigated, either as PHARE envisaged or being refinements of those developed earlier, are pursued further in a number of programmes and initiatives. A review of the results and the issues coming from the PHARE programme provides a sound basis for current programmes and avoids the same issues being “rediscovered”.
The intention of this site is to describe PHARE, the concepts analysed, the tools developed to support the concepts, the real-time demonstrations undertaken, the validation and the results achieved, in such a manner that the information can be used by those involved in today’s research.