Surveillance Analysis Support System for ATC Centres

SASS-C login Access conditions

The Surveillance Analysis Support System for ATC Centres (SASS-C) is software developed, maintained and supported by EUROCONTROL.

SASS C provides interoperable top-level verification (VERIF) and prediction (PREDICT) functionality to civil and military Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs), R&D organisations and the ATM industry.

To ensure its stability and reliability, the Agency also provides updates, maintenance and support to SASS-C along with standardised methods for assessing the performance of surveillance infrastructures.


VERIFication function

The SASS C verification function has three objectives:

  • to verify the compliance of the surveillance infrastructure (ATM Surveillance Sensors and Surveillance Data Processing and Distribution System) with EUROCONTROL’s current surveillance standards and specifications;
  • to support air incident investigation, with a particular focus on surveillance aspects;
  • to support the development and implementation of new ATM surveillance systems;

This involves five steps:

  • acquiring and importing data in a variety of surveillance formats;
  • reconstructing multi-sensor surveillance data to build a reference for each flight;
  • comparing reported data to the reconstructed reference;
  • aggregating and reporting comparisons against standard-defined thresholds;
  • investigating, enabled via visual representation to the user. SASS-C’s verification function can be applied to all current surveillance techniques and technologies (PSR, SSR, ADS-B, Multilateration). Evolutions for handling Multi Static Primary Surveillance (MSPS(R)) and Surface Movement Area-specific sensors and Surface Movement Area-specific type of motion as considered in the future. SASS-C’s verification function provides a cost-effective, 24/7 performance monitoring solution.

PREDICTion function

The SASS-C prediction functionality enables the theoretical calculation of surveillance infrastructure performance, probability of receipt of message, calculating for environment interference, and position measurement accuracy.

The function consists of:

  • a 3D grid approach (based on Digital Terrain Elevation Data – DTED - resolutions) for calculating, storing and displaying the results;
  • a design facilitating the input of multiple levels of digital terrain elevation data quality. For every single location, it will use the best terrain data available;
  • the ability to calculate a multiplicity of perspectives by the Surveillance System at any point in space.

The prediction function implements a generic Surveillance Infrastructure model supporting sectorised radar and multi-sectored systems.

SASS-C runs on x86_64 based hardware and Linux of the RHEL family.

Access conditions

A EUROCONTROL Member State Organisations (EMSO) is an organisation mandated by any EUROCONTROL Member States to provide air traffic services in their territory, whether this organisation is state-owned or privatised. Member State military organisations are de facto EMSOs.

An industry providing services to an EMSO is considered to be an EMSO for this purpose.

For Non-EUROCONTROL Member State Organisations (NEMSOs), SASS-C may be made available subject to the signature of a license agreement and upon payment of an acquisition fee of between € 36,500 and € 71,800 and a yearly maintenance fee of between € 10,700 and € 13,600 EUR yearly maintenance fee (the exact fee depends on the size and the annual turn-over of the requesting organisation).

Any organisation outside EUROCONTROL Member States and the manufacturing industry whether located inside a Member State or not are considered as NEMSOs.

An EMSO providing services outside EUROCONTROL Member States is considered to be a NEMSO for this purpose.

SASS-C Maintenance And Support (SACMAS) service is only available to EMSOs. Subscription requests should be submitted by completing the online subscription form.

Please consult our examples of EMSO and NEMSO user license agreements. For questions concerning licensing please contact out Licensing Requests team. For other questions please send an e-mail to the SASS-C Management team.

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