Statistic analysis of datalink

Statistical data collection and distribution to support datalink communications and problem investigation.

Access conditions

The LINK2000+ Statistics Reporting and Analysis Tool (LISAT) provides a central database for all datalink messages sent and received by the air traffic supervisors (ATSUs) from participating European air navigation service providers (ANSPs) and is used for data analysis.

Functionality and benefits

The datalink data in LISAT is combined with other EUROCONTRL Network Manager (NM) flight and airspace data giving the possibility to query the data in many different ways for different purposes, including the creation or regular and ad-hoc performance reports as well as supporting the datalink stakeholder dashboards.

Participating ANSPs regularly upload their datalink data to LISAT using a specific XML schema.


The transition to air traffic control (ATC) data communications provides a unique opportunity to record and analyse air/ground communications in a way that was not possible for voice based communications. All messages sent and received by an ATSU may be recorded alongside other information, such as Flight Plans, and used for later analysis. This can be used to identify problems at the technical level and to monitor performance. Data from different avionics, aircraft, ANSPs etc. can be compared, conclusions drawn, and examples of good practice disseminated and used to improve the use of data link and further enhance its benefits.

Access conditions

Only authorised users can import and download information to/from LISAT. For more information on access, please contact us.

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