Route per State overflown distance tool

Our software allows airspace users to calculate the chargeable distance of a flight plan and obtain an estimate of the route charges they will incur when operating flights within the EUROCONTROL charging area.


Once properly installed, the tool will provide you with:

  • the total charge in euro, excluding any applicable Value Added Tax,
  • the distances flown and amounts divided by Member State of EUROCONTROL,
  • the possibility to store preferred routes, thus enabling quick recalculation when tariffs change.


1. Download the tool guide

The following instruction document explains how to install the software and import the necessary files. It also provides an example of a Route Charges estimation.

2. Install the tool package

Open the file and run the setup program.

3. Import ATC points, unit rates and area boundary mode

Before making first calculation, the following documents need to be imported. We update them regularly, so make sure to download the latest versions to ensure correct results.

For all future calculations, please make sure to use the latest versions of above documents.

Since the integration of Ukraine in the Route Charges System, an error (code SQLSTATE = S1000) prevents the import of Unit Rates, please refer to the recently updated RSO Distance Tool Guide below.