Distance measuring equipment tracer

Supporting the implementation of performance based navigation and the optimisation and rationalisation of navigation infrastructure.

Access conditions

Distance measuring equipment tracer (DEMETER) is a software tool that supports the implementation of performance based navigation (PBN), as well as the optimisation and rationalisation of navigation infrastructure.


The tool facilitates collaboration between airspace planners, procedure designers, navaids engineers and flight inspectors. It helps them establish distance measuring equipment DME/DME positioning as a continuous ground-based back-up solution to the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) for PBN.

DEMETER is designed to assess the performance of DME/DME positioning en-route and in-terminal manoeuvring area (TMA) airspace. It can be used to determine which ground infrastructure enhancements or changes are needed to better support PBN applications, such as RNAV 1 SIDs, STARs and RNAV 5 en route. This is done according to the EUROCONTROL guidelines on RNAV 1 infrastructure assessment (EUROCONTROL-GUID-0114), developed in cooperation with the ICAO Navigation Systems Panel (NSP) on the basis of ICAO SARPS (ICAO Annex 10 Vol. I) and the Performance-based Navigation Manual (ICAO Doc. 9613).

The software tool also supports the assessment of VOR/DME coverage and redundancy for RNAV 5 applications, as well as infrastructure evolution planning (VOR rationalisation, DME/DME optimisation).

EUROCONTROL courses related to DEMETER

Training courses are available from the EUROCONTROL Aviation Learning Centre (ALC) which provide hands-on experience in using DEMETER for ground-based navigation infrastructure assessment and planning.


DEMETER is currently used by air navigation service provider (ANSP) organisations in most ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) member states.

It is used globally by:

  • organisations providing flight inspection or procedure design services;
  • research institutes;
  • universities.

SESAR projects have used DEMETER for the ECAC-wide assessment of the ground navigation infrastructure to evaluate its rationalisation potential and to identify optimisation solutions.

Access conditions

EUROCONTROL's stakeholders may obtain access to DEMETER and its associated technical documentation free of charge. Please send us an email to request access to the tool via this page's contact form.

We will ask you to complete a registration process during which some personal data will be collected. More information about it will be communicated by email.

As DEMETER works globally, interested parties outside Europe may also request access to it. The support provided by EUROCONTROL, in this case, may be limited and users might need to import their own navigation aids data and possibly pay license fees.


If you are experiencing issues with accessing or using the tool, please contact us by using this page's contact form.