Network Manager user forum 2019

Your annual European network operations event

EUROCONTROL’s NM User Forum is the yearly major Air Traffic Management (ATM) event for aviation's operational community.

Your Annual European Network Operations Event” addressed key topics of the European ATM network and brought the operational players together to discuss the anticipated challenges for the upcoming year.

Our experts from ATM, airlines and airports shared their views and brought to light some of the difficulties faced throughout the 2018 summer period. Experts and attendees discussed potential solutions to improve network capacity and how to best tackle weather challenges operationally. Participants benefited from presentations on understanding network complexity and stability and got a sneak peek at the latest short-term technical evolution.

    How to Manage Summer 2019 Together

     Participating operational users also:

    • learned from the 2018 operations and from the experience of our peers,
    • openly tackled operational issues and identified realistic actions for improvement,
    • focused on concrete initiatives that can make a real difference in 2019 and
    • ensured that the real priorities of Airspace Users are fully taken into account in proposed system and procedures upgrades.

    Opening address by Joe Sultana


    Starting at Topic and speakers
    10:00 Registration & Welcome Coffee
    10:30 Opening address
    Joe Sultana, Director Network Management
    11:00 Understanding the difficult 2018 summer: What happened?
    Aircraft operator, Airport, FMP and NMOC perspectives
    12:30 Networking lunch

    Understanding the Difficult 2018 summer: Why it happened?

    • Lacking Network Capacity
    • Complexity issues
    • The stability of the Network
    15:30 Coffee break

    Improving Network Capacity

    • Strategic outlook
    • Enhanced NM/ANSP Network Measures for 2019 summer (eNM/S19)
    • Airspace Management, improvements in the core area
    17:30 Networking dinner
    Starting at Topic and speakers
    9:30 Welcome

    Towards Tackling the Weather Challenges operationally

    • Update on 2018 Weather Trials
    • Weather Concept of Operations Explained

    Dealing with Network Complexity and Stability

    • Reinstating the pre-tactical phase
    • Fewer regulations and updates
    • Management of late updaters
    • File it, Fly it
    12:00 Networking lunch

    Technical Update

    • Planned short term evolutions (2019 - 2021)
    • NM Future Architecture
    14:00 Q&A - Debriefing – Wrap-Up
    15:00 End of NM User Forum 2019

    Download the agenda and presentations

    Keynote speakers

    Eamonn Brennan
    Director General
    Joe Sultana
    Director Network Management