Network Manager User Forum 2019

30 - 31 January 2019

EUROCONTROL’s NM User Forum is the yearly major Air Traffic Management (ATM) event for aviation's operational community.

Your Annual European Network Operations Event” addresses key topics of the European ATM network and brings the operational players together to discuss the anticipated challenges for the upcoming year.

How to Manage Summer 2019 Together

Join the discussion with key experts from ATM, airlines and airports to:

  • Understand the difficult 2018 summer: what happened and why did it happen?
  • Discuss workable solutions to improve the capacity of the network;
  • Receive an update on tackling weather challenges operationally;
  • Understand network complexity and stability;
  • Learn about the latest short term technical evolutions.


During the 2019 User Forum, participating operational users will be able to:

  • learn from the 2018 operations and from the experience of our peers,
  • openly tackle operational issues and identify realistic actions for improvement,
  • focus on concrete initiatives that can make a real difference in 2019 and
  • ensure that the real priorities of Airspace Users are fully taken into account in proposed system and procedures upgrades.

Targeted audience

The 2019 User forum is intended for managers and operational staff involved in or working for:

  • Aircraft operations,
  • ATM provision,
  • Air-side operations at airports and
  • Computerised Flight Plan Service Provision (CFSP).

Your contributions are welcome!

To get the most out of “your forum”, you are welcome to actively contribute during the sessions by sharing your experiences and stories related to the 2018 summer.

Registration and agenda

You can download the agenda below. Registrations are closed as the event is fully booked. 



Security notice: Please note that due to the current security measures in force at EUROCONTROL Headquarters, external visitors must register. Non-registered visitors will not be admitted. For this purpose, after your registration has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email containing the formal NM User Forum confirmation card.

When you arrive at EUROCONTROL's headquarters, you will be asked to provide the confirmation card along with an identity card in exchange for a replacement (visitor) badge for the duration of the forum. If you do not have a confirmation card and ID, you will not be allowed on the premises. Visitors' bags, briefcases and/or packages may be checked on arrival.

Shuttle service timetable

A shuttle service will be provided during the event. It will be performed by white coaches from Open Tours with a EUROCONTROL NM User Forum poster clearly visible on the windscreen. The timetable is available below.

EUROCONTROL white coaches without the event poster are for staff only.

Evening of Day 1 - 30 January 2019

Time Route
17:45 2 shuttles from EUROCONTROL to Brussels Central Station
18:45 2 shuttles from EUROCONTROL to Brussels Central Station
19:45 2 shuttles from EUROCONTROL to Brussels Central Station

Morning of Day 2 - 31 January 2019

Time Route
08:00 2 shuttles from Brussels Central Station to EUROCONTROL
08:15 2 shuttles from Brussels Central Station to EUROCONTROL
08:30 2 shuttles from Brussels Central Station to EUROCONTROL

Evening of Day 2 - 31 January 2019

Time Route
15:15 2 shuttles from EUROCONTROL to Brussels Airport
15:30 1 shuttles from EUROCONTROL to Brussels Airport 
  1 shuttles from EUROCONTROL to Brussels Central Station
15:45 2 shuttles from EUROCONTROL to Brussels Airport



EUROCONTROL Headquarters

Rue de la Fusée 96
1130 Brussels

The Network Manager User Forum Team

For any enquiries, please email us!