Human Resources Application for ANS Oversight Domain (N-HRA)

EUROCONTROL has developed a Human Resources (HR) application for the ANS Oversight Domain. The N-HRA is a web based application providing a common approach for the planning, monitoring and reporting on HR issues.

The N-HRA can be used to:

  • manage any of the following  processes: staff planning and monitoring, training plans and monitoring, role requirements and competency monitoring.
  • produce an HR Assessment which the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/373 requires to be done at least every two years.  Furthermore, ICAO Annex 19 recommends that a State should use a methodology to determine its staffing requirements for personnel performing safety oversight functions.
  • manage Pool of Experts, if States in a FAB share resources.


Become a user

The N-HRA can be trialled for up to 6 months by signing an Evaluation License Agreement. To use the N-HRA on a permanent basis, a License Agreement needs to be signed. A license fee is charged for the use of the N-HRA non-EUROCONTROL member states.

Once the authorisation procedure is complete, the main user will be invited to create a OneSky Online account on our secure extranet portal. Once access has been granted to the main user, the NSA/CAA representative will be able to upload relevant data, provide access to his or her colleagues and to report on the status of their resources. Send us an email to learn more about how to become a user.

What our users say


“In 2018 FAB CE NSAs will undertake their fourth common NSA HR Assessment since 2012. The purpose of undertaking a common HR Assessment is twofold: At FAB level it facilitates exchanging information, sharing best practices, understanding each other resourcing issues. At national level the output of the assessment facilitates States ensuring compliance with EU requirements and the justification of HR requirements. FAB CE also uses the Resource Sharing facility to manage their pool of experts to initiate, maintain and monitor how the pool of experts is used. The three main benefits I see of using the N-HRA at State or FAB level are: n Easy to update and distribute and can now be used for day to day purposes and not only for the biennial HR Assessment. n Flexible as the user can decide how he/she wishes to use it – all processes or just one process, give access to staff to view or update his/her profile. “ n Facilitates demonstrating the NSAs capability to third parties (e.g. ICAO,EASA, etc.)”

Josef Kopp, Head of ANS Department, CAA Czech Republic, FAB CE Human Resources Working Group Chairperson


“In 2012, GCAA ANS Department initiated a support project with EUROCONTROL and within this context there was a WP on HR and developing inspectors competency. The ANS Department had just been established and looking to transpose the SES Legislation as part of the Civil Aviation Agreement between Georgia and EU. So far we have been using the Staff Planning component and now we have a documented view on staff tasks/planning which is easier to update and maintain than an excel spreadsheet and enables having the information quickly at hand to provide evidence and reporting on resource management. In our case the, application user is the Head of ANS Department and updates are done as needed.“

Vladislav (Lado) Kuljanishvili, Head of ANS Department CAA Georgia

The Netherlands

“In November 2017 the N-HRA was presented to the FABEC NSA CC and NL NSA decided to trail the N-HRA and in March 2018, NL decided to become a user. The NL NSA covers ATS/CNS/ATFCM ASM/MET/AIS/FISO area of expertise. We plan to use the N-HRA initially for the NSA the staff planning and monitoring component for ANS and ADR Oversight - planning and realisation of audits/ inspections, allocating staff for audits/inspections, managing staff authorisations, adjusting audit planning. The reasons we decided to become an N-HRA user is that it provides a standardised approach and easy to use, facilitates meeting the regulatory requirements in this area and to improve our resource management.”

Marcel Hartman, Senior Inspector, NL NSA

N-HRA team

To learn more about the N-HRA and how to becoming a user send an email.