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Traffic in week 19 began to level off, up just 1.1% to 27,207 flights/day. More growth expected in June – up to over 30,000 flights/day @Transport_EU @ECACceac @ACI_EUROPE @CANSOEurope @A4Europe @IATA @eraaorg @EBAAorg


As traffic rises to near 2019 levels & Russia’s invasion affects operations, how do we prepare for the summer? Join our strategic webinar on Wednesday 18 May at 1500 CEST @Transport_EU @ECACceac @DGAC #DSNA @lufthansa @aena @CANSOEurope @IATA @A4Europe


Traffic overall in the Network is at 86% of 2019. But several of the top 10 states are over 90%: Norway🇳🇴 101%, Turkey🇹🇷 97%, Portugal🇵🇹 96%, Greece🇬🇷 94%, Spain🇪🇸 93% @Transport_EU @ECACceac @ACI_EUROPE @CANSOEurope @A4Europe @IATA @eraaorg @EBAAorg


Overflights in the three Baltic States & Poland are down between 43% and 52% compared to 2019 – clearly heavily impacted by the closure of Ukraine/Russia/Belarus airspace @Transport_EU @ECACceac @CANSOEurope @IATA @A4Europe @eraaorg @EBAAorg @ACI_EUROPE


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Network Rolling Seasonal Plan 2022 promo cover

A consolidated network view of traffic evolution

EUROCONTROL NM publishes new 6-week Network Rolling Seasonal Plan

Comprehensive assessment banner v2

EUROCONTROL Comprehensive Aviation Assessment

Read the latest status of the European air traffic network.

A "zero emission" Airbus in flight
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EUROCONTROL Think Paper #16

Reducing aviation emissions by 55% by 2030: Can it be done – and if so, what are the extra costs of decarbonisation measures?

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EUROCONTROL Aviation Outlook 2050
EUROCONTROL Aviation Outlook 2050

New long-term air traffic forecast charting how aviation can achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 has been released.

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Data snapshot

EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot #29

Our 29th EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot reports on the additional distance for flights to/from Asia as a result of the invasion of Ukraine.

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