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Week 38 was still over 70% of 2019 but a mixed picture, with @British_Airways adding 152 flights for the week & @vueling dropping 250. Turkey<->UK flights went up from 105 in week 37 to 264 @Transport_EU @ECACceac @A4Europe @IATA @CANSOEurope @ACI_EUROPE @eraaorg @EBAAorg


Did you miss the @eurocontrol Strategic Webinar on Sustainable Aviation Fuel? Catch up with it here @Transport_EU @ECACceac @IATA @A4Europe @eraaorg @EBAAorg @CANSOEurope @ACI_EUROPE


Overall, European airports have lost ground since 2019 in the ranking of busiest airports worldwide. Then, there were 3 in the top 10 but yesterday Europe’s top airport @Schiphol was only 14th @Transport_EU @ECACceac @ACI_EUROPE @ACIWorld @CANSOEurope @A4Europe @IATA @eraaorg


Middle East currently the biggest regional pairing with Europe (886 flights/day last week), followed by North Atlantic (761) - which is expected to grow from early Nov once US rules are relaxed @Transport_EU @ECACceac @A4Europe @AirlinesDotOrg @IATA @CANSOEurope @ACI_EUROPE


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Network Rolling Seasonal Plan 2021 promo cover

A consolidated network view of traffic evolution

EUROCONTROL NM publishes new 6-week Network Rolling Seasonal Plan

The eVTOL Challenge - Transforming the urban skies of the future

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Data snapshot

EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot #17

Most countries saw heavier aircraft during COVID-19. This is returning to normal, but that reduces ATC revenue even further.

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Comprehensive assessment banner v2

EUROCONTROL Comprehensive Assessment

COVID-19's Impact on European Air Traffic

EUROCONTROL Climate Change Study 2021

EUROCONTROL study on climate change risks for European aviation

Climate change set to increasingly disrupt aviation on the ground and in the air.

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Banner of Gatwick airport factsheet

COVID-19 Impact on EUROCONTROL Airports


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EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Briefing Card
Issue #3

Aviation Sustainability Briefing Issue #3

Our 3rd issue features Eamonn Brennan's interview on some of the key findings of our upcoming study on the climate change risks for European aviation.

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