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RT @IATA: CEO of @lufthansa Carsten Spohr gave a superb summary of the importance of an urgent European decision on slot use relief for #ai


#COVID19 The recent drop in traffic has been mostly intra-Europe. With little long-haul passenger traffic, flights to/from the rest of the world have been relatively stable. @Transport_EU @ECACceac @IATA @A4Europe @eraaorg @EBAAorg @ACI_EUROPE @CANSOEurope


#COVID19 Week 3 of 2021 showed a steady decline to fewer than 9,000 flights a day - 65.5% down on 2019. @FlyWideroe are back in the top three airlines @Transport_EU @ECACceac @A4Europe @IATA @CANSOEurope @ACI_EUROPE @eraaorg @EBAAorg


Vaccines are crucial for all of us – so @eurocontrol is working with @FAANews in the US and @navcanada on the mission of the century for the global air cargo industry to make sure that vaccine flights get top priority in the ATM system. @Transport_EU


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