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Our October forecast expected us to reach 82% of 2019 traffic in December. However looks like the new restrictions are already having an impact, we’re trending at 74% over the first days of the month. @Transport_EU @ECACceac @IATA @A4Europe @CANSOEurope @ACI_EUROPE


Don’t miss our next @eurocontrol Stakeholder Forum on 6 Dec, 15:00-16:00CET looking at how #businessaviation is helping the industry decarbonise. Register here @Dassaukt_OnAir @vistajet @VINCIAirports


Interesting to see how ITA has evolved since launch. 20th busiest airline in Europe with 208 flights a day. Most are within Italy 🇮🇹 so far with 7/day to France 🇫🇷, 4/day to Belgium 🇧🇪, Germany 🇩🇪 the Netherlands 🇳🇱 and the UK 🇬🇧 @ITAAirways @CANSOEurope @ACI_EUROPE @Transport_EU


8 of the top 10 country pairs remain domestic with only internal Norwegian flights above 2019 levels even if Germany-Spain routes are only 1% under 2019 @Transport_EU @CANSOEurope @A4Europe @IATA @ECACceac


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Network Rolling Seasonal Plan 2021 promo cover

A consolidated network view of traffic evolution

EUROCONTROL NM publishes new 6-week Network Rolling Seasonal Plan

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Data snapshot

EUROCONTROL Data Snapshot #22

Welcome benefits as taxi-out times fell this summer - the challenge is to keep them low.

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EUROCONTROL Comprehensive Assessment

COVID-19's Impact on European Air Traffic

Sustainability Issue 4
Issue #4

Aviation Sustainability Briefing Issue #4

Our 4th edition looks at what “Fit for 55” could mean for European aviation and features a discussion with the EC's Flor Diaz Pulido on the RefuelEU Aviation proposal.

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Think paper

EUROCONTROL Think Paper #14 - The future of air navigation services

Skyway issue 75
Skyway #75

Skyway magazine - Autumn/Winter 2021

New airspace users - preparing for a very different future

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