A year of significant achievements at the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub & exciting future plans

Discover some of this year’s highlights delivered by the EUROCONTROL Innovation Hub, as we continued to deliver tangible benefits to stakeholders through 11 agile innovation projects.

Among the 2021 highlights include several pioneering Artificial Intelligence-driven prototypes, the return of the EIH’s industry-leading airspace and research simulations, as well as a series of drone and urban Air Mobility initiatives including the recent launch of the Paris-Region Drones Centre of Excellence with its Drone Corridor ops room to be hosted at our Brétigny site, plus drone airspace assessments and continuing progress on the CORUS-XUAM project.

Significant progress has also been made on bringing SESAR solutions closer to operational deployment, with notable advances on key solutions such as Enhanced Approach Procedures and the User-driven Prioritisation Process.

“After a year of significant achievements in 2021, we have exciting future plans for 2022 and beyond. We aim to play a key role in SESAR 3, to grow our innovation network initiative, to modernise our simulation facilities and strengthen our expertise and services with drones/UAM, aviation sustainability and in emerging domains such as AI in air traffic operations”.

Laurent Renou Head of Air Transport Innovation EUROCONTROL

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